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March REVENUE (in millions): SALES TAX: $2,099.4 OIL PRODUCTION: $292.9 NATURAL GAS: $184.3 MOTOR FUELS: $253.7 MOTOR VEHICLE SALES: $365.7 TOBACCO: $117.0

Fiscal Notes

A Review of the Texas Economy from the Office of Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Fourth Year for FAST

Reporting on school spending, achievement

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The Watermasters

by Cory Chandler

Texas program manages water rights>

Change Brewing in Texas

by Patrick Graves

Recent legislation gives craft beer a boost>

Texas Wildfires

By Michael Castellon

The summer of 2011 was a devastating time in Texas. By Labor Day, wildfires had affected every part of the state. >

SCORE-ing Help for New Texas Businesses

By Constance Matheny and Bruce Wright

A life in business doesn’t always end with retirement. In Texas and across the U.S., thousands of successful retired men and women are using the skills and knowledge accrued in their careers to help others get started in the business world.>

Playing Defense

by Patrick Graves

With about a quarter-million military and civilian personnel at a dozen installations and more than 15,000 defense contractors, defense-related sequestration cuts will have an impact on Texas’ economy. >

Texas Coal

by Bruce Wright

Coal production supports thousands of Texas jobs and, despite market shifts and environmental concerns, is likely to remain a key part of the economy for the foreseeable future. >


Texas by the Numbers

State revenues, expenditures and cash condition >

A Central Source for Texas Obesity Information

by Michael Castellon

Our new site is a one-stop shop to help Texas battle the economic and personal impacts of obesity. >

Energy Renaissance

by Patrick Graves

Due largely to the production of previously inaccessible oil and gas from “tight” shale formations, Texas is seeing what could be sustained growth in energy production. >

Wellness Programs Bolster Business, Employee Health

by Brian Wellborn

Fiscal Notes interviews Dr. Tyler Cooper about wellness programs, and his company’s efforts to help businesses control their health care costs. >

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