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09/2010 THRU 08/2014

For further information contact the Contract Management Team at (512) 463-3034 or e-mail at

Section 1 - Special Instructions and Conditions

  • 1.1 DESCRIPTION: 946-M1 Payment Card Services (Procurement/Travel)
  • 1.2 TERM OF CONTRACT: September 1, 2010 thru August 31, 2013
    Renewal Term: September 1, 2013 thru August 31, 2014

    2nd Renewal: September 1, 2014 thru August 31, 2015
    3rd Renewal: September 1, 2015 thru August 31, 2016

  • 1.3 POINT OF CONTACT: Vendor contacts are listed in Section 5
  • 1.4 CPA/TPASS CONTACT: Questions concerning terms and conditions should be directed to:
    Melissa Hernandez, CTCM
    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
    (512) 463-3254
    FAX (512) 475-0920
  • 1.5 PURCHASE ORDERS: A CPA Purchase Order is NOT required for the Procurement.

Section 2 - Specific Contract Requirements

  • 2.1 METHOD OF PAYMENT: Please refer to Payment Instructions at - To Be Determined (TBD)
  • 2.2 APPLICATION: Direct contact with vendor representatives is recommended. See Section 5.
  • 2.3 REQUISITIONS: Requisitions are not required.
  • 2.4 CUSTOM CARD FORMAT: CPA approved standard state payment card design.

    Custom card format for state agencies requires the approval of CPA and vendor and will take 30-60 days from receipt of the request. Custom card format for institutions of higher education and cooperative members may be coordinated directly with Citibank.

    Standard Card Design: No charge for single, standard color logo; Custom Card Design: One Custom Card Design at no charge, additional Custom Card Designs are billed at cost by Citibank.

  • 2.5 ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE/BILLINGS/DISPUTES: Client account Specialist (CAS)(Person/Team, 1-800- TBD) should be contacted for questions regarding billing and program maintenance (adding, deleting or making changes to card parameters).

Section 3 - Specific Payment Card Purchase Prohibitions

  • 3.1 TRAVEL: State agencies and institutions of higher education are to use the Travel card for travel related expenses. Cooperative members eligible for the Travel Card Program include counties, municipalities, public school districts, community and junior colleges, emergency communication districts, hospital districts and transportation authorities only. Texas State Travel Management Program
  • 3.2 PAYMENT METHOD: The payment card contract is designed as a payment method. All purchasing and travel statutes, rules, policies, and procedures must be adhered to when utilizing the payment card. SEE THE STATE OF TEXAS PROCUREMENT MANUAL OR THE STATE TRAVEL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM WEB PAGES FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Section 4 - General Information

  • 4.1 SERVICE LEVEL DETAILS: Citibank Service Levels (PDF)
    • 4.2.1 FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE: Citibank will pass along all charges assessed by the bankcard associations. In addition, Citibank will charge a fee of 1.0%.
    • 4.2.2 CASH ADVANCES AND CONVENIENCE CHECKS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO CO-OPERATIVE MEMBERS: Convenience Check Fee: $5.00 plus 1.5% of transaction; Convenience Check Stop Payment Fee: $20; ATM Cash Advance Fee: $5.00; Cash Advance from Teller Fee: 2% of Withdrawal
    • 4.3.1 CENTRAL BILLED ACCOUNTS: For State Agency and Universities, centrally billed corporate accounts that are past due, Citi will expect the State Agency or University programs to adhere to the State of Texas prompt payment act. The participating Co-Ops will follow the process outlined in Citi's RFP response, if they are not subject to State of Texas Prompt Pay, Government Code 2251.
    • 4.3.2 INDIVIDUALLY BILLED TRAVEL ACCOUNTS: An individually billed account is considered delinquent if payment is 60 days past due. A delinquency charge of 2.5% of the outstanding balance is applied if payment is not received by day 60.
  • 4.5 LIABILITY REQUIREMENTS: Customers will have no liability for transactions that occur after notification of a card being lost or stolen. For unauthorized charges made prior to the card being reported lost or stolen, Customer's liability is limited to a maximum of $50 per card (up to $100,000).
  • 4.6 REBATE PROGRAM: The payment card contract has a rebate feature which pays the State annually, based on total dollar expenditures of all participating entities. Co-Op entities will receive a rebate payment directly from Citibank.

Section 5 - Points of Contact

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